Gaffers Tape-The Universal Adapter

If you’ve spent much time on a stage or a video set, you know that there is no such thing as “universal” sizing for hardware.

The difference between standard and metric is only the beginning. Trying to make two different manufacturers equipment work together can be a huge headache.

Quite often you have to come up with your own solution for a one time fix.

A good example is the fitting a microphone accessory like a mic clip to a stand that has a different standard thread. If it won’t fit properly, you may have to use tape. You know you need to create a fix that is camera or audience invisible, and that can be a challenge. Instead of taping the clip to the stand, see if you can apply tape to the inside (thread) of the oversized clip so that it can be placed on the stand firmly.

Same for fitting a camera to a tripod. Concentrate on where the camera meets the tripod and see if you can create temporarily compatible sizes.

Since gaffers tape has an adhesive that is designed to remove cleanly, your post show clean up should be quick an simple.

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