Do I Need An Account?

The GoodBuyGuys

If you’re like me, you’ve bailed out on online purchases more than once because they force you to set up an account before you can complete a transaction.

Worse yet, if you come back to that site to make another purchase, you can’t move forward if the site recognizes your email address but you can’t remember your password.

That is why provides a guest checkout option so that you don’t have to remember anything.

That having been said, there are some real advantages to taking the time to set up an account when you purchase from us.

Here are a few-

-Enter your shipping and billing information one time and not need to ever do it again.

-Have an address book that lets you choose multiple shipping addresses.

-Access your order history.

-Print a facsimile of any invoice.

-Recover or change your password.

-Take advanage of offers we make only to registered customers.

Any information you provide when you register is kept securely and we never share it with any third parties.

Click here and set up an account now!

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