A Little Good News From UPS

While trying to justify the annual UPS price increase (happens every December) we were pleased to actually get a little good news from UPS.

Starting in 2020, UPS will offer regular ground service to a large number of metropolitan areas. This is long overdue.

In the past, Saturday delivery service was limited to a small number of areas, required paying for expedited shipping and added a Saturday delivery surcharge.

All of that is going away, starting tomorrow.

This is, no doubt, a response to very aggressive delivery services now being offered by the Postal Service and by Amazon Prime. Both of these services not only offer Saturday delivery at no additional cost, but even have limited Sunday delivery as well.

Now, when computing delivery times, a lot of our customers will only need to consider Sunday as a non-business day.

Curious about whether this service is available in your area? Click here and take a look at the list.