Where To Buy Gaffers Tape


Gaffers tape is not easy to find, at least not if you want to buy it in a store like Home Depot or Lowes. Even mid-sized cities may not have any “over the counter” availability for Pro Gaff or other gaffers tape brands.

The most likely retail outlets to have this product are those specialize in theatrical supplies. An online search for “gaffers tape and your zip code” or your city name may turn up some resources for Pro Gaffers tape, Shurtape Professional gaffers tape or Shurtape 665 gaffers tape.

Most hardware stores like, Home Depot or Lowes, don’t stock it and may even think that it is just fancy duct tape.

Chances are, you’ll end up making your purchase online.

In addition to price, check on the following:

Is gaffers tape a stock item, or is it being drop shipped by a third party?

Is this a well known brand like Pro Gaff, or is it something you have never heard of.

Is it “true gaffers tape”? If it is not cotton cloth that uses a synthetic rubber adhesive, it is not real gaffers tape.

Does the web site offer a shipping calculator that you can use before providing your personal information?

Does the online vendor have a fair and reasonable return policy or otherwise guarantee what they sell.

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